5 Steps Every Applicant Should Know for Personal Loans

Personal loans can be pretty helpful in covering certain expenses and costs. However, there is quite the application process that you need to go through before getting approval and obtaining the cash that you can use. Most applicants often find this a breeze, but it can be difficult if you don’t know what data you’re supposed to input in your application.

Ensuring that your application is completely filled out will reduce any chances of complication down the line. You get a quicker response and approval if you’ve ticked all the boxes of what a lender is looking for in a borrower, too.

Curious about what should be on your personal loan application? Here are the steps that every applicant needs to take:

1) Get Your Credit Score

Checking your credit score is paramount when applying for any loan on the market. How high or low your credit score is will give you an impression of what kind of terms and conditions you’ll face, as well as whether you’d get approved at all.

If your credit score seems rather low, you can face rejection for your application or quite a high interest rate while paying off the loan. You can improve your credit score before pushing through with the loan application by paying off any outstanding debt or reporting any credit report errors.

2) Prequalify for the Loan

Checking your potential interest rate alongside the possible loan terms and conditions through multiple lenders via prequalification attempts is good. You gain insight into how your application will be received. When you get the green light for prequalification, you’re likely to get approval.

Just remember to have some basic information ready. Prequalifications usually request the estimated amount of your income and your mortgage payments. Plus, certain aspects such as the loan amount and purpose of the loan will be taken into account.

3) Review the Loan Terms

There are many aspects of a personal loan that you need to check up on and review. Before filling out an application, it’s best to assess the terms and conditions of your agreement with the lender and potentially even check in with them too.

Things to keep an eye on and check once again are your annual percentage rate with a lender, how long you’re going to pay back the loan, and the amount limit for the money you’re going to borrow. Look into certain fees like the origination fees or prepayment penalties too.

4) Prepare an Application for Submission

After confirming your credit score, prequalifying for a loan, and agreeing with all the terms, all that’s left is to prepare and submit a formal application. Additional information to what was asked from your pre-qualification may be required, such as your source of income, home equity, investments, assets, and more.

5) Ride Everything Out

Once your application has been submitted, it’s only a matter of time before the loan is approved and arranged. A lender will give you the funds, which you can spend however you’d wish. Just remember that this borrowed cash will have to be repaid, so avoid missing out on any payments that may result in additional penalties.


Following these steps should prepare you very well for the personal loan application and what comes after. Look forward to approval and getting the cash you need for the venture, activity, debt, or item you’re eyeing to pay off.

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